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From David Jencks <>
Subject unified build for all our external projects, and integration tests.
Date Mon, 13 Sep 2004 23:48:43 GMT
I thought I'd mention what I'm working on: with luck I'll be checking 
it in later today.  I don't expect it to break anything already there, 
it is purely an addition.

1. use multiproject:install to build everything instead of our 
homegrown reactor usage.  This provides less flexibility but needs less 

2. provide a "unified" structure including activemq, howl, openejb, 
tranql, and tranql-connector.  I'm putting these in top level 
directories named after the projects (next to modules).  I'm providing 
top level targets to check these out of cvs and to delete them.

3. The multiproject:install is set up to build all these projects at 

4. I'm going to look into a goal to wipe out the local maven repo for 
all these projects.  This should make it easier to check that we have 
the version dependencies correct between projects: running with -o will 
show what isn't generated locally.

5. I'm starting on some geronimo-wide integration tests.  I'm starting 
with checking that each type of component can look up each other type 
of component.  I'm thinking of a new top level directory with structure 
like this:

   - naming/


david jencks

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