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From "Geir Magnusson Jr." <>
Subject Re: What's missing for Tomcat integration?
Date Fri, 10 Sep 2004 20:02:56 GMT

On Sep 10, 2004, at 9:45 AM, Shapira, Yoav wrote:

> Hi,
> After a bit of talking with Geir regarding the 1.0 M2 release still not
> supporting Tomcat, I thought I'd jump in and ask: what's missing for
> Tomcat integration, and how can I help?

Yoav - thanks for coming!

> I've gone over the archives, but there's nothing significant on this
> matter since I raised this issue last March (thread titled "Does
> Geronimo use tomcat?" in the archives).  Incidentally, in that thread 
> N.
> Alex Rupp also said he was working on articles in this area
> (
> I've yet to see them: have they been published somewhere?  I've read 
> his
> articles/blogs on the MVC pattern, the servlet antipattern, and how
> Tomcat is similar to the Irish Elk, but I haven't seen anything
> addressing what the problems were in integrating Tomcat into Geronimo.
> Anyways, since then I see Geronimo has evolved, getting closer to a
> release.  So has Tomcat, including the (presumably) relevant area of 
> and JSR77 compliance.  So I'd like an updated list of what's missing,
> what needs to be done, in order for Geronimo to accept Tomcat as
> easily/natively as it does Jetty.
> That should be a good start, and it's a pretty good time as far as
> Tomcat is concerned to make some tweaks, with the 5.5 branch still in
> very active development.

THis is great.  I think that while our goal is perfect integration, I 
think getting it working - not perfectly integrated, but working - is 
an excellent first step.  It will give us feedback about what we need 
in Geronimo to help Tomcat integrate, and what Tomcat needs to do to 
become more integratable. (integrable?)


> By the way, this is no slight of offense to Jetty or any of its
> developers.  It's a good product and I have no problems with it.  I'm
> looking to improve both Tomcat and Geronimo with this effort.
> And a good weekend to all ;)
> Yoav Shapira
> Millennium Research Informatics
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