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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Web Services and Portlet deployment
Date Thu, 02 Sep 2004 03:37:03 GMT

On Sep 1, 2004, at 8:21 PM, Srinath Perera wrote:

>> The current web services deployment code does not
>> appear at first glance to fit well into either jsr-88 deployment or 
>> the
>> geronimo architecture.
> yap for the time been it is a hack. I was worried about getting it
> working. I talk with the Dims there is bit of clean up to done. I am
> explaining what happen at the WS deployment with should happen list?
>> Here's what I  think should happen:
>> --jsr-88 client tells geronimo to deploy package, as a standard j2ee
>> package.
>> --geronimo deployer sorts it as a standard package and hands it to the
>> web or ejb deployer
>> --web or ejb deployer recognizes the extra deployment descriptor and
>> hands it to the web services or portlet deployer
> if it is ws deployer
> * deployer generate a ejb and a wrapper to accpet the income SOAP and 
> call
> the ejb/POJO.
> * if there a EJB it is deployed and started in the openejb
> * Axis do not directly support start/stop each web services.So the
> webservice is registerd inside the Axis ..

Can webservices be unregistered from axis?

> * But there is no GBean for each Web servicehaving a GBean for eah WS
> would be nicer. But Axis is just a Servlet as far as the J2EE 
> Continaer's
> point of view. So am not sure how to expose a Admin interface to the 
> J2EE
> continer so that GBeans can use them. (any sugesstions are welcome)

I'm not sure I understand exactly what a web service is:-)  We need 
(even without web services or portlets) to have a gbean for each 
servlet.  Therefore axis itself, since it is a servlet, will be 
represented by a gbean.  If necessary we can add more gbeans to serve 
as a registry.

For web services that talk to ejbs, we can either use the standard 
openejb container gbean or if necessary write and extension gbean.

I don't understand yet about web services that talk to POJOs.  Is each 
POJO wrapped in an individual servlet?  Or does axis handle all of 
these itself without interaction with the rest of the j2ee framework?

I need to read the web services spec:-)

many thanks
david jencks

> * if we get that GBean for each WS working then when they refer EJB's 
> we
> can make ejb GBean put there as a WS GBean as a dependancy
> thoughts
> Thanks
> Srinath

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