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From Bruce Snyder <>
Subject The State of Apache Geronimo @ ApacheCon 2004
Date Tue, 21 Sep 2004 11:25:55 GMT
The second annual State of Apache Geronimo @ ApacheCon will take place 
on Monday, November 15, 2004 from 10-11am. I received such great 
feedback about last year's talk that I decided to register it this year 
as a panel discussion. All Geronimo committers are invited to attend and 
hopefully participate.

Last year's format was a presentation about Geronimo (e.g. who, what, 
where, when, how, etc.) presented by myself, followed by additional 
information and explanation from committers. A few committers stood up 
from the crowd, were introduced and spoke about a particular area of 

This year I registered the talk as a panel discussion. I imagine that 
there might be a total of 5-7 people unless more express interest (I'm 
currently inquiring about the max number of allowed people on panel). If 
you will be at ApacheCon this year and you're interested in 
participating in the panel discussion, please let me know. I you plan to 
participate I hope you can donate a small amount of time (~10 minutes) 
to reviewing the presentation which is due on October 15.

I do know that last year we (the Geronimo team) had a strong presence 
throughout the conference. Our assault on the bar every day of the 
conference is already legendary. For those who don't know, the bar was 
the only place where we could all really sit together from early morning 
to late at night for hacking. It was also a bonus because of the access 
to food and beer ;-).

Even if you're not interested in participating, we hope to see you there 
for the hacking and beer drinking. Last year was a blast. Hopefully this 
year will top that. See you there!

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