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From Jeremy Boynes <>
Subject Re: Questions on OpenEJB, Castor and TranQL in Geronimo
Date Wed, 15 Sep 2004 18:27:09 GMT
Takling the TranQL bits ... wrote:
> * If I want to use Geronimo with a proprietary database that has a JDBC 
> driver, is Castor the only library that may need modification to work 
> with the proprietary database?  What about TranQL?

Castor is not involved in that. In TranQL we have a connector that wraps 
a generic JDBC connection so if your database has one available we 
should be able to use it. We are also rolling out vendor-specific 
connectors that are intended to expose more advanced, proprietary 
features of the drivers (such as native pooling or transparent failover).

> * What is TranQL's relationship with Geronimo and it's dependencies 
> (e.g. which components use, or plan to use TranQL and under what 
> circumstances would it be used)?  I tried to find more info but the 
> TranQL site seems a bit broken (raised issue 
> )

Currently OpenEJB2's CMP implementation uses it. The site is old and I 
have not had the bandwidth recently to keep it up to date.

> * Where can I view the TranQL source?

Any questions please drop me a line.

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