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From Jacek Laskowski <>
Subject Tomcat integration - let's have Tomcat working in Geronimo
Date Fri, 10 Sep 2004 23:09:55 GMT

It's pretty obvious to have Apache Tomcat running in Geronimo. It's also 
  obvious to have more people involved in Geronimo development. And 
finally the docs - we need more documentation on Geronimo internals.

All of the points made me think to begin working on Tomcat integration 
in Geronimo. That's how I hope to gain more knowledge about Geronimo 
internals and show people that it's very easy to plug other open source 
projects into Geronimo.


I'm creating the 'tomcat' module, and will ask you, lurkers, to show up 
and help me in it. Let's start with Alex's example Dain included in one 
of his last emails and extend it (as outlined in Jeremy's email). One 
day will have Tomcat running and more committers on the board.

That's a way you can become committer, so the sooner you'll start coding 
the module, the sooner you'll get the priviledges.

That's the chance you cannot afford to pass you by.

NOTE: The module won't show up before the svn conversion (which may 
happen later tonight), so in the meantime check frequently.


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