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From John Woolsey <>
Subject Re: Socket Fun
Date Wed, 01 Sep 2004 12:36:46 GMT
Good idea but I am using different ObjectOutputStreams. The first one is 
to a byte array and the other is to a Socket Stream. The difference is 4 
bytes 179 for the socket and 174. I am going to guess it is a length 
variable that is added to the byte array stream. I have gone to 
completely serializing outside the socket stream which works, but I 
thought the difference was interesting and worth bringing up.

                                 - bfn - JAW

adam wrote:

> Referencing by ObjectOutputStream.  The second time you serialize the 
> object out over the stream, ObjectOutputStream replaces it with a 
> reference back to the one it just sent.  In one of the older JVMs, 
> this kept things that were serialized from being garbage collected, 
> although that's been fixed now.
> Adam
> John Woolsey wrote:
>> I am working on my RMI implementation and I was using the 
>> ObjectOutputStream. I made a function serialize that I used to find 
>> the length of the outbound data. Then I wrote the same object to a 
>> socket. The sizes where different ?!? Anyone have any idea why?
>>                           - thanx - JAW

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