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From Dain Sundstrom <>
Subject Re: Subversion keyword expansion not working
Date Sat, 11 Sep 2004 21:18:54 GMT
I think I got this one figured out.  It looks like Subversion is  
different from CVS in that it does not store files on the server with  
keywords expanded (which was totally throwing me off).  In CVS we had  
this stored on the server  

<!-- $Revision: 1.34 $ $Date: 2004/09/07 02:35:13 $ -->

and in subversion we get this  

<!-- $Rev$ $Date$ -->

I think this is pretty cool and should eliminate with the keyword  
conflicts that CVS had.  Assuming we want the same keywords we had  
before, we will need to modify all files to change \$Revision: .* \$ to  
$Rev$ (assuming I got the regex right).  Then we need to change all of  
our non-binary files to have these keywords.

svn propset svn:keywords "author date id rev" files

Well we only really need date and rev, but might as well have the  

Anyone with commit want to take a shot at make these changes?

Also can one of you script ninjas write a script to check if we are  
using any other CVS keywords?



Dain Sundstrom
Chief Architect
Gluecode Software
310.536.8355, ext. 26

On Sep 11, 2004, at 7:37 AM, Aaron Mulder wrote:

> 	The cvs2svn documentation says 'By default, cvs2svn sets
> svn:keywords on CVS files to "author id date" if the mode of the RCS  
> file
> in question is either kv, kvl or not kb'.  I don't know whether it's  
> case
> sensitive, or that behavior was disabled, or what -- but apparently  
> there
> are properties on each file indicating whether keywords should be
> expanded...
> 	Okay, looking at the properties on the STATUS file, the
> svn:keywords is in fact set to "author date id"...  Perhaps we just  
> need
> to change the capitalization?  An example in the "propget"  
> documentation
> shows svn:keywords set to "Author Date Rev"...
> Aaron
> On Fri, 10 Sep 2004, Dain Sundstrom wrote:
>>> -<!-- $Revision: 1.34 $ $Date: 2004/09/02 18:32:25 $ -->
>>> +<!-- $Revision: 1.34 $ $Date$ -->
>> Look like Subversion doesn't like our keywords.  After checking the
>> Subversion book, I think our tag should be:
>> $Rev$ $Date$
>> but Subversion doesn't seem to be handling even our existing $Date$  
>> tag.
>> Anyone know what is going on?
>> -dain

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