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From David Blevins <>
Subject README: [jira] Closed: week of 09-10-2004
Date Fri, 10 Sep 2004 18:44:14 GMT

This is the first of what will be weekly reports from JIRA.  Any JIRA
items that are marked Closed or Resolved during the week will show up
in this report.

The goal of these reports is to keep everyone informed as to what is
going on in the project.  This includes users, contributors, and
committers alike.  Reading all the commit messages isn't practical
with such a large codebase.

This report is an example of *bad* JIRA usage--almost none of the
items listed where actually completed in the last seven days.

To keep our changelog and reports accurate simply follow these guidelines:

  - Create a JIRA item for anything you are working on if one doesn't
    already exist.  If one exists, assign it to yourself.

  - When you checkin code, put the JIRA issue key in the log message.

  - When you complete the changes, mark the JIRA issue as closed.

That's it.

If you don't enter and close JIRA items for the things you work on,
they will NOT show up in this report and they will NOT be included in
the changelog on any releases (nightly, milestone, etc.)

Long story short: treat JIRA as source code and try and keep it as
accurate and up-to-date as possible.


On Fri, Sep 10, 2004 at 01:04:44PM -0500, wrote:
> Project: Apache Geronimo
> Status: Resolved, Closed (24 items)
> Updated In Last: Week (7 days)
> ** New Feature
>  * [GERONIMO-278]  Servlet/JSP 2.3 DTD deployment descriptor support
>  * [GERONIMO-174]  Support for security-roles in web.xml
>  * [GERONIMO-212]  EJB ejb-jar.xml resource-ref support to JMS
>  * [GERONIMO-211]  Servlet web.xml resource-ref support to JMS
>  * [GERONIMO-206]  Hot deployment of EJB, WAR, and RAR archives
>  * [GERONIMO-205]  J2EE Connector support for JMS Providers
>  * [GERONIMO-273]  Resource Environment References in ejb-jar.xml
>  * [GERONIMO-274]  Resource Environment References in web.xml
>  * [GERONIMO-279]  J2EE Application 1.4 deployment descriptor support
>  * [GERONIMO-275]  Message Destination References in ejb-jar.xml
>  * [GERONIMO-276]  Message Destination References in web.xml
>  * [GERONIMO-277]  Servlet/JSP 2.2 DTD deployment descriptor support
>  * [GERONIMO-163]  Support for ejb-refs in a web.xml
> ** Bug
>  * [GERONIMO-245]  OutOfMemoryError while running ConnectionManagerStressTest
>  * [GERONIMO-235]  No JSP support without tools.jar
>  * [GERONIMO-259]  maven javadoc:install fails
>  * [GERONIMO-244]  Content of war appear in car file twice
>  * [GERONIMO-246]  NullPointerException when omitting assembly-descriptor tag in ejb-jar.xml
>  * [GERONIMO-247]  Missing jsp_2_0.xsd  for "offline mode"
>  * [GERONIMO-283]  JettyModuleBuilder can't find remote interface for ejb-refs
> ** Improvement
>  * [GERONIMO-223]  Upgrade Jetty5.0beta0 to Jetty5.0RC0
>  * [GERONIMO-147]  Typo corrections
>  * [GERONIMO-256]  org.apache.xmlbeans.XmlException: error: Document root element is
> ** Task
>  * [GERONIMO-285]  geronimo-1.0-SNAPSHOT/README.txt  gives wrong URL of Geronimo Developer
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