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Subject [jira] Closed: week of 09-10-2004
Date Fri, 10 Sep 2004 18:04:44 GMT
Project: Apache Geronimo
Status: Resolved, Closed (24 items)
Updated In Last: Week (7 days)

** New Feature

 * [GERONIMO-278]  Servlet/JSP 2.3 DTD deployment descriptor support
 * [GERONIMO-174]  Support for security-roles in web.xml
 * [GERONIMO-212]  EJB ejb-jar.xml resource-ref support to JMS
 * [GERONIMO-211]  Servlet web.xml resource-ref support to JMS
 * [GERONIMO-206]  Hot deployment of EJB, WAR, and RAR archives
 * [GERONIMO-205]  J2EE Connector support for JMS Providers
 * [GERONIMO-273]  Resource Environment References in ejb-jar.xml
 * [GERONIMO-274]  Resource Environment References in web.xml
 * [GERONIMO-279]  J2EE Application 1.4 deployment descriptor support
 * [GERONIMO-275]  Message Destination References in ejb-jar.xml
 * [GERONIMO-276]  Message Destination References in web.xml
 * [GERONIMO-277]  Servlet/JSP 2.2 DTD deployment descriptor support
 * [GERONIMO-163]  Support for ejb-refs in a web.xml

** Bug

 * [GERONIMO-245]  OutOfMemoryError while running ConnectionManagerStressTest
 * [GERONIMO-235]  No JSP support without tools.jar
 * [GERONIMO-259]  maven javadoc:install fails
 * [GERONIMO-244]  Content of war appear in car file twice
 * [GERONIMO-246]  NullPointerException when omitting assembly-descriptor tag in ejb-jar.xml
 * [GERONIMO-247]  Missing jsp_2_0.xsd  for "offline mode"
 * [GERONIMO-283]  JettyModuleBuilder can't find remote interface for ejb-refs

** Improvement

 * [GERONIMO-223]  Upgrade Jetty5.0beta0 to Jetty5.0RC0
 * [GERONIMO-147]  Typo corrections
 * [GERONIMO-256]  org.apache.xmlbeans.XmlException: error: Document root element is missing.

** Task

 * [GERONIMO-285]  geronimo-1.0-SNAPSHOT/README.txt  gives wrong URL of Geronimo Developer
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