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From David Jencks <>
Subject Web Services and Portlet deployment
Date Wed, 01 Sep 2004 18:24:07 GMT
I've been working a bit with portlets recently and as a result 
considering how we can handle deployment of packages with auxiliary 
spec-mandated deployment descriptors using jsr-88.  I find the jsr-88 
spec somewhat sketchy on this and at least the portlet spec doesn't 
mention jsr-88.  The current web services deployment code does not 
appear at first glance to fit well into either jsr-88 deployment or the 
geronimo architecture.

As I understand, web services and portlets both involve deploying a 
standard j2ee package (web or ejb) that have an additional deployment 
descriptor in them (web-service.xml(???) and portlet.xml).

Here's what I  think should happen:

--jsr-88 client tells geronimo to deploy package, as a standard j2ee 
--geronimo deployer sorts it as a standard package and hands it to the 
web or ejb deployer
--web or ejb deployer recognizes the extra deployment descriptor and 
hands it to the web services or portlet deployer
--specialized deployer constructs specialized ejb or servlet containers 
gbeans directly (possibly in cooperation with the normal ejb/web 
deployers) and adds them to the package configuration (again perhaps in 
cooperation with the standard deployers)
--the specialized deployer may need to communicate some extra 
information to some other service.  For example, Jetspeed2 has a 
portlet registry that needs to be informed of newly deployed portlets.  
Ideally this information can be communicated by including it in the 
container gbean (servlet or ejb) and using gbean reference collections 
to notify a registry gbean.  However, some other approach may be 

Since the openejb deployer is already constructing container gbeans for 
each ejb, I would not expect that a web service-ejb deployer along 
these lines to require extensive modifications to the openejb deployer. 
  However, our jetty deployer currently relies on jetty to interpret the 
web.xml descriptor and deploy servlets.  This has the additional 
problem that servlets are not represented by gbeans, so they don't fit 
in the jsr-77 framework.  I think the solution here is to extend the 
geronimo-jetty deployer to construct gbeans for each servlet directly 
from the web.xml, and not use the Jetty deployer at all.


many thanks,
David Jencks

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