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From "Srinath Perera" <>
Subject Re: Web Services and Portlet deployment
Date Thu, 02 Sep 2004 04:16:08 GMT
> Can webservices be unregistered from axis?
yes .. undeploy support in the Axis geronimo module is not written yet. 
it is matter of writing code. (I do not get a chance to look in to those
things due to Axis2 ..) I will implement that shortly.

> I'm not sure I understand exactly what a web service is:-)  We need
> (even without web services or portlets) to have a gbean for each
> servlet.  Therefore axis itself, since it is a servlet, will be
> represented by a gbean.
this is already done .. it is load as a jetty cotiner as a web application.
problem is gain access to the Axis Admin API since jetty know it as a
servlet only. we had to use some Static things (I do not like it much
..but  the classloaing inside Axis use atatic things too ...)

> For web services that talk to ejbs, we can either use the standard
> openejb container gbean or if necessary write and extension gbean.

yes right now they use "standard openejb container gbean" though the
ContainerIndex. it work well for Simple Types. there was a security
manager issue loading the complex type class when I go though the
ContainerIndex. I will check it agien and  report to dev list.

> I don't understand yet about web services that talk to POJOs.  Is each
> POJO wrapped in an individual servlet?  Or does axis handle all of
> these itself without interaction with the rest of the j2ee framework?

Axis is a servlet. It convert parameters in SOAP(XML)->java objects. then
it call the impl with parameters. Impl is a POJO/EJB.  if it is POJO axis
simply load the class, create instance and call it. if it is EJB axis call
it though ContinerIndex (inside OpnEJB)/or Remote Interface. What ever
results will convert to SOAP(XML) and send back.

So As far as POJO is concerned "axis handle all of these itself without
interaction with the rest of the j2ee framework"


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