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From "Srinath Perera" <>
Subject Re: Web Services and Portlet deployment
Date Thu, 02 Sep 2004 03:21:00 GMT
> The current web services deployment code does not
> appear at first glance to fit well into either jsr-88 deployment or the
> geronimo architecture.
yap for the time been it is a hack. I was worried about getting it
working. I talk with the Dims there is bit of clean up to done. I am
explaining what happen at the WS deployment with should happen list?
> Here's what I  think should happen:
> --jsr-88 client tells geronimo to deploy package, as a standard j2ee
> package.
> --geronimo deployer sorts it as a standard package and hands it to the
> web or ejb deployer
> --web or ejb deployer recognizes the extra deployment descriptor and
> hands it to the web services or portlet deployer

if it is ws deployer
* deployer generate a ejb and a wrapper to accpet the income SOAP and call
the ejb/POJO.
* if there a EJB it is deployed and started in the openejb
* Axis do not directly support start/stop each web services.So the
webservice is registerd inside the Axis ..
* But there is no GBean for each Web servicehaving a GBean for eah WS
would be nicer. But Axis is just a Servlet as far as the J2EE Continaer's
point of view. So am not sure how to expose a Admin interface to the J2EE
continer so that GBeans can use them. (any sugesstions are welcome)
* if we get that GBean for each WS working then when they refer EJB's we
can make ejb GBean put there as a WS GBean as a dependancy

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