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From "Bordet, Simone" <>
Subject RE: Strange XSD error after WAR deploying
Date Wed, 11 Aug 2004 17:53:15 GMT

> That is really weird.  Do any of your files contain the text 
> "jsp-configType"?


> Just a guess, but maybe this is something that the file at 
> is pulling 
> in?  Does it work if you remove the xsi:schemaLocation attribute?

The XSD at is, I guess, buggy.

The element jsp-config is declared but never defined; not so happens for all other elements,
for example "welcome-file-list" or "error-page".

It seems to me that Jetty is checking for XSDs, but I could not find any Jetty config file.
I am really a newby here, if someone can help...
Also, I tried to fix the XSD and let it be served by a local server, but the thing is going
back home (at every time. I checked Jetty, and it seems to have hardcoded the
URL, it explains the "going back home".

I am really puzzled by the fact that apparently noone noticed the XSD bug, and it's there
since 24 Nov 2003 !

Does this means Geronimo must always be online to work ? Sorry if you already discussed this,
I'm trying to catch up.



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