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From David Jencks <>
Subject How to build all projects at once
Date Wed, 04 Aug 2004 22:52:05 GMT
I've found a way to build tranql[-connector], howl, geronimo, openejb, 
and activemq in one build using maven multiproject.  I put the 
project.xml and files I use at

You'll need to modify the file unless you have the 
same directory layout as me.  Assuming you put the downloaded files in 
a directory, I have the projects laid out like this:

activemq/activemq/[modules etc]
geronimo/1geronimo/[modules etc]
howl/howl/logger (etc)
openejb/1openejb/[modules etc]
tranql[tranql, connector, vendors]

To those not on the openejb lists... the openejb itests are now run 
inside the normal build: the itests module starts a geronimo server , 
deploys the itest ejb-jar, runs the tests, undeploys the jar, and stops 
geronimo.  It should be fairly easy to imitate this for e.g. running 
the activemq itests.

david jencks

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