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Subject Re: Enterprise Bean Structure
Date Thu, 19 Aug 2004 16:34:35 GMT
On 19 Aug 2004, at 13:28, John Woolsey wrote:
> Thank you for your reply. It is a neat feeling to be part of the 
> community. I am going to move forward with text code generation. 
> Mostly because this is an educational project. For me and anyone else 
> who wants to learn from it. I figure readable java files are easier to 
> learn from and debug. I might even add autogen docs to them :) On to 
> working on my deployer. I think I am going to start with a JMS bean.

FWIW if you're thinking of playing with JMS, I'd highly recommend the 
JMS helper abstractions that were added recently to Spring 1.1...


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