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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Proposal for output of assembly module
Date Sun, 08 Aug 2004 00:33:46 GMT

On Aug 7, 2004, at 5:13 PM, Gianny Damour wrote:

> On 7/08/2004 4:22 AM, David Jencks wrote:
>> The assembly module doesn't conform to the maven standard action of 
>> producing an artifact, and its results are not in the module itself.  
>> Furthermore it doesn't produce an easily installable geronimo 
>> instance.
>> I'd like to suggest that the assembly module should produce a zip 
>> file of what it builds, currently into 
>> target/geronimo-${pom.currentVersion}, and install it in the local 
>> repo as a zip artifact.
>> Then we can extend the geronimo-maven plugin with a little bit of 
>> jelly script to unpack this zip into the target of the module using 
>> the plugin.  This will make it easy to get back to pristine geronimo 
>> installations.
> I think that it would be awesome. +1.
> As far as I understand, assembly is the way to build a Geronimo server 
> from nothing: people can only download this module and let maven pulls 
> the various artifacts and install a full server. Personally, I see 
> this module as an installation procedure via maven.
> So, I do have another question: Is it possible to put the assembly 
> module somewhere else than nested inside modules? Perhaps that it 
> could be nested inside an installer project?

I think you might be confusing my ideas for the assembly module (which 
would be modified to build and install into the maven repo a zip file) 
and the geronimo plugin (which would get a goal to pull the zip file 
and unpack it into a standard or configurable location).

So, a typical integration test runner might look like this:

<preGoal name="test">
    <deploy:new-geronimo/> <!--unpacks zip into say 
target/geronimo-${pom.CurrentVersion} by default -->
   <deploy:startServer location=.... (i forgot the exact params needed)/>
   <deploy:waitForStarted serverURI=.../>
   <deploy:deploy ..../>
   <deploy:start ..../>

<!--tests runs-->

<postGoal name="test">
   <deploy:stop .../>
   <deploy:undeploy .../>
   <deploy:stopServer .../>

All of this except the "new-geronimo" is being used in the openejb 
itests: however there some configuration problems are preventing any 
tests from actually passing.

We might want to include a way to run the bootstrapper in the maven 
plugin so people can more easily generate custom minimal bootable 

I'd also like to find a way of starting geronimo from maven in-vm.  So 
far everything I've tried has resulted in classloader hell.  Perhaps 
starting by constructing a minimal classloader and loading everything 
from it rather than what maven gives us is the way to go.

david jencks

> Thanks,
> Gianny

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