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From Jacek Laskowski <>
Subject Re: Build error in Axis?
Date Mon, 30 Aug 2004 19:59:04 GMT
Aaron Mulder wrote:

> 	Thanks, Tim.

Just to add to Tim's message, according to the top-level maven.xml file 
you may do more than that:

     <goal name="modules:reactor:init">
            | Determine the includes which the reactor will use.
            | Uses 4 properties to control which modules will be include:
            | module.types      Comma seperated list of module types 
(ie. specs or modules)
            | module.includes   Comma seperated list of module names 
(ie. common, core, ...)
            | modules           Same as module.includes, module.includes 
initializes to this value
            | module.excludes   Comma seperated list of module names to 
            | The end result is that modules.reactor.includes is set to 
the project.xml files
            | to include.  This is the value the reactor will use.
            | Example, to only build the common and core modules:
            | maven -Dmodules=common,core

So, it's up to you what to build or not.

> Aaron


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