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From Jacek Laskowski <>
Subject Re: geronimo-ejb-jar.xsd ??
Date Thu, 26 Aug 2004 14:39:39 GMT
Prem kalyan wrote:

> hi,
>   1 .  I want to know is there anything called "geronimo-ejb-jar.xsd".

Not that I'm aware of.

>   2 .  If yes , where can i find it.

See 1.

>   3 .  does geronimo use open-ejb-jar.xsd or geronimo-ejb-jar.xsd?

I think you're referring to how components (EJBs, WARs, RARs, EARs) are 
deployed onto Geronimo and what part of Geronimo takes care of it. In 
case of EJBs, it's a job for OpenEJB, which is the only one known 
working EJB implementation being able to work with Geronimo and handle 
the task of deploying and running EJBs.

So, when Geronimo deploys a EJB, it asks its subsystems (GBeans?) for 
deployment of that EJB. Only, OpenEJB will rise up your hand and takes 
it over. Besides the standard deployment descriptor - 
META-INF/ejb-jar.xml - OpenEJB uses its own deployment descriptor that's 
described in ./modules/core/src/schema/openejb-jar.xsd in the OpenEJB 
CVS repo.

You asked about it, did you?

> i am asking all these questions bcoz i came across
> <ejb-jar xmlns=""
>          xmlns:xsi=""
>          xmlns:ger=""
>          xsi:schemaLocation=" 

I think it's a typo or so. IMHO the file doesn't exist (I do hope I'm 
not mistaken :))


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