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From John Woolsey <>
Subject Re: Dynamic classpaths
Date Wed, 25 Aug 2004 12:43:36 GMT
Hey. I am writing my own J2EE engine from scratch to learn more about 
them. I am trying to keep the code readable and easy to use. I may turn 
it into the Minix of J2EE servers when I am done. My next task was 
adding deployed jars to the classpath. I managed to get help from a 
friend when he said look into class loaders. I have some basic code to 
load classes out of jars, but I have yet to test it. At this point I am 
refactoring the code to deploy beans without extracting them. It seems a 
more logical route.

                                                               - bfn - JAW

Gianny Damour wrote:

> On 25/08/2004 2:45 AM, John Woolsey wrote:
>> I am trying to deploy my bean and I need to add the jar to the 
>> classpath (I know rewrite my classloader) so that I can see classes 
>> and interfaces in the jar. Just wondering for a good spot to look for 
>> that.
>>                                              - thanx - JAW
> Hi John,
> I do not understand exactly what you are trying to achieve. Yet, if 
> you are trying to deploy (Enterprise Java)bean, then you just have to 
> package them as you were used to do it. Having said that, Geronimo is 
> not yet able to handle Class-Path entries defined in Manifest files. 
> Hence, if you are trying to deploy an (Enterprise Java)bean using this 
> mechanism, then you may face some ClassNotFoundException.
> Could you please provide more details on your needs?
> FYI, Dain speaks of Geronimo's class-loading strategy there:
> I think that you should check it out to understand what it buys you as 
> an end-user.
> Thanks,
> Gianny

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