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Subject Re: Installing Confluence [was Re: Manual]
Date Thu, 22 Jul 2004 16:11:40 GMT

On 21 Jul 2004, at 17:15, Matt Kurjanowicz wrote:
> Hmm, are we moving a little too fast on moving to Confluence?   Like
> someone said earlier, we've already switched wiki's once, and I don't
> know (beyond wiki -> xdoc) what benefits Confluence has over Wikis.

Security, features, wiki language, macros for integrating with unit 
test code / JIRA reports - but mostly its just a nice tool to use etc.

Its like saying, hey this JIRA things OK but whats wrong with bugzilla. 
If you've used both you'll know what I mean.

> It may even be easier to update the tool (wiki->xdoc) to understand
> the wiki we have now, rather than transferring the entire site over to
> a different wiki system, with yet another syntax...

There's not that much content. But we could start with just the manual 
in the new wiki, then see how we get on. The great thing about this 
internet thing is we can link across websites :). So even if the old 
wiki stays around for a while its no biggie


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