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Subject deployment unit parent/child relationships & class loaders
Date Fri, 09 Jul 2004 12:50:50 GMT
There's an interesting discussion starting over on the Spring lists on  
doing clean integration of Spring deployment units into Geronimo (and  
indeed what would a spring deployment unit look like) WRT to  
parent/child class loaders and the like... 

Have folks working on the deployment unit stuff come to any decisions  
on supporting parent/child classloaders and the like? I seem to recall  
a vaguely sober conversation with Dain & Dave Blevins at JavaOne about  
using a directory structure to represent parent/child relationships in  
a deployment allowing us to do simple & complex class loader trees with  
fine grained control over which parts can parent class loaders etc.  
e.g. just using a file system with directories to represent  
parent/child relationships, where 1 child directory = a new class  
loader etc



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