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From Dain Sundstrom <>
Subject Re: deployment unit parent/child relationships & class loaders
Date Fri, 09 Jul 2004 17:29:07 GMT
On Jul 9, 2004, at 10:10 AM, wrote:

> Its quite a long thread, but the packaging/classloader tree stuff gets 
> mentioned along the way. (Unfortunately both SF and gmane don't seem 
> to have a good way to link to 1 post from a thread :(

I'll read it again.

> Folks are starting to wonder about expanded-directory based deployment 
> and allowing redeployment of a piece of an EAR I think (we at least I 
> started to ponder about such a thing).

Do you mean unpacked archives?  I am calling the "unpacked in place 
deployment".  People want to have geronimo run their programs with out 
packaging and in the place where there development environment dumps 
the files (no jar no copy).  Anyway, we don't support this yet :-)  I 
would like to get it in for M2, but I think all the people that 
understand the deployment/ configuration system are swamped right now.


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