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Subject Re: Installing Confluence [was Re: Manual]
Date Thu, 22 Jul 2004 16:08:16 GMT

On 22 Jul 2004, at 02:28, Matthew Kurjanowicz wrote:

> Point taken :) However, isn't Confluence the same as all wikis where 
> anyone can edit the pages?  One can require that people create 
> accounts to edit the wiki, but doesn't it need to be unlocked now 
> anyways?

There are various options - its easy to change the permissions.

Many Confluence wiki's I create tend to have permissions for anyone 
who's registered with confluence to edit pages (to encourage 
involvement) & anyone to view.

Though often folks only allow 'committers' (in the wiki not CVS sense) 
permissions to edit pages but allow anyone who's registered to comment 
on pages. Maybe the latter - along with a low barrier of entry (let 
people have write access when they ask for it, then reject it when they 
mess up) is a middle ground.


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