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From Kristian Köhler <>
Subject Re: Testing Maven 1.0
Date Thu, 15 Jul 2004 06:15:22 GMT

Jeremy Boynes wrote:

> Yes. But from what I remember, these come from restrictions on the 
> firewall on your machine. Given the point of the test is to check that 
> we can connect to the local server over the network suggestions on how 
> to make it work in your environment would be appreciated.

The old problem. Geronimo doesn't build offline.

ApplicationTest and WebAppDConfigTest parses a web.xml file and the 
parser tries to resolve the DTD. There is no entityresolver configured 
at that moment.

That's what I've done to make it work behind the firewall:

I modified my file (for windows: 
C:\WINNT\system32\drivers\etc\hosts ) to resolve the locally.

--- 8< ---
--- 8< ---

I configured putty to tunnel local port 80 to


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