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From Gianny Damour <>
Subject ClockPool, ThreadPool, deployer.jar and server.jar
Date Thu, 08 Jul 2004 05:13:29 GMT

ClockPool and ThreadPool are in the geronimo-system sub-module. This 
latter is in the "Class-Path" of deployer.jar and server.jar. As 
concurrent-1.3.2.jar, used by ClockPool and ThreadPool, is not also in 
their "Class-Path", it is not possible to install or execute these two 

As a matter of fact, these two services are not required to execute 
neither CommandLine nor Daemon. So to add concurrent-1.3.2.jar to the 
"Class-Path" of deployer.jar and server.jar does not seem to be the 
right solution.

After discussion with Alan, it seems that geronimo-core would have been 
a better packaging. And this is what I have just committed. 
Unfortunately, it was not possible to repackage these two classes 
without having to impact the Geronimo Network transport of ActiveMQ (to 
copy these two services in the geronimo-core module and to wait for a 
migration of ActiceMQ was not possible). I have notified the ActiveMQ 
people of this change and submitted a patch.


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