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From Matthew Kurjanowicz <>
Subject Re: Manual
Date Wed, 21 Jul 2004 00:16:44 GMT
Bruce, If I can help with the book (editing, etc.) at all let me know -  
I'd love to help any way I can.
Aaron: why not make it a subdir under xdocs.  Unfortunately this can be  
way too static, but on the other hand it will look like the rest of the  
website.  Each page can be a simple XML document like index.xml.  That  
way all the links (to the Wiki, all the other available documentation)  
will be available.  PDFs can be generated using the Maven PDF plugin,  
including any other site documentation that is useful, such as changes,  
wiki, issues, etc.  I'm pretrty sure there's a plugin somewhere to turn  
Wikis into XML docs for just this purpose.
Just my $0.02.
-Matt Kurjanowicz

On Jul 20, 2004, at 7:43 PM, Bruce Snyder wrote:

> Aaron Mulder wrote:
>> 	I think I'm climbing out from under my rock, at least a little bit,  
>> and I'd like to start work on a manual.  If I can produce a HTML  
>> version, what's the best way to get it included on the  
>> web site?  I'm thinking we should add a  
>> Documentation link to the left navigation bar (probably under the  
>> "Geronimo" header) and then on that page include a link to the HTML  
>> manual as well as to the Maven FAQ and perhaps a couple Wiki links to  
>> flesh it out.
> FYI, I will be starting the Geronimom Live book in either August or  
> September for SourceBeat Publishing. Chapter 1 of this book will be a  
> Quick Start Guide that I'm planning to donate back to the project.  
> This will be the first chapter I write. It will be in PDF form so we  
> can include a link to it from the Geronimo site as well.
> Bruce
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