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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: ResourceAdapter.start() not getting called?
Date Sun, 11 Jul 2004 22:03:49 GMT

On Saturday, July 10, 2004, at 06:57 PM, Gianny Damour wrote:

> On 11/07/2004 5:24 AM, David Jencks wrote:
>> Since it is unlikely that anyone will be running more than one  
>> TransactionManager/XATerminator in a geronimo server, perhaps this  
>> should be made a little clearer by specifying the WorkManager 
>> directly  in the ResourceAdapter config and constructing a 
>> BootstrapContext per  ResourceAdapter instance.  Opinions?
> I agree. Perhaps that there is also something not so obvious - at 
> least for me: a BootstrapContext must reference the same XATerminator 
> used under the cover by the XAWork referenced by the WorkManager of 
> this context.
> The current dependencies are something like that:
> TransactionManager <---- XAWork<---- WorkManager <---- 
> BootstrapContext;
>       ^                                                                
>                                       |
>        | 
> -------------------------------------------------------------------
> So, is it possible to make it "clearer" by providing to the 
> (Geronimo)WorkManager a TransactionManager(Proxy)? This latter still 
> provides an XAWork view in order to recreate resource adpater 
> transactions; one adds to the (Geronimo)WorkManager  a getter for this 
> XATerminator reference/attribute; and BootstrapContext only needs by 
> now a simple reference to (Geronimo)WorkManager.
> This way, the dependencies could be more abvious - one more time, at 
> least for me:
> TransactionManager <---- WorkManager <---- BootstrapContext.

I think this is an excellent idea.  My idea for the 
TransactionManagerProxy was that you could get the TransactionManager, 
XATerminator, and XAWork from it, so supplying it to the WorkManager 
will eliminate this possible inconsistency.  I've implemented this.
> By the way, as I am talking about XAWork, I think that there are some 
> concurrency issues: the begin and end methods should be synchronized 
> otherwise, it is possible to run two Work concurrently having the same 
> ExecutionContext.

Very true! that's not the only problem, resume and suspend also weren't 
getting called on the delegate tm.
>> Also, perhaps we should adopt a naming convention for all these 
>> gbeans  such as
>> geronimo.server:type=BootstrapContext,name=MyBootstrapContext
> Is it possible to have a distinct domain for the JCA services? I mean 
> something like:
> geronimo.jca:type=BootstrapContext,name=MyBootstrapContext
> Moreover, one could perhaps use the naming conventions proposed by 
> JSR-77. For instance, a WorkManager could be name:
> geronimo.jca:type=WorkManager,BootstrapContext=MyBootstrapContext

First of all, I meant


I'd like to use JSR-77 compliant names, but I'm not entirely sure what 
they would be.  Maybe Dain can suggest something?  Meanwhile I'm just 
using this pattern, and the geronimo-ra.xml just requires 

many thanks,
david jencks
> Many thanks,
> Gianny

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