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From Eduardo Piva <>
Subject Re: Deploying .ear
Date Fri, 02 Jul 2004 15:39:20 GMT
Hi Jeremy,

I've found the error. I don't know where this .ear is used in the test
tree, but it's broken. In the application.xml, there is a connectior
module, but there isn't a connector rar file in the .ear. The .war
file inside this .ear is also broken, it has some missing references
in the web.xml, and has a file called geronimo-web.xml inside the
WEB-INF, but the JettyModuleBuilder was expecting a file called
geronimo-jetty.xml. I had to rename that.

All those errors generated NPE.

I'll list all of then, and try to fix those I'm able. I think that the
correct error would be some DeploymentException, with some useful
message inside it. I think NPE confuse users. A message like "Could
not find file test-connector.ear, deploying connector module" is much
more usefull... :)

After making some organized list of NPE I could get deploying bogus
.ear, I'll send it to the JITA and also to the list.

Maybe tomorrow I'll have this list, right now I have to work a
little... (Geronimo is a hobby right now. :D)



On Thu, 01 Jul 2004 11:27:37 -0700, Jeremy Boynes <> wrote:
> Eduardo Piva wrote:
> > The second test I've done is:
> >
> > $ java -jar bin/deployer.jar --install --module
> > ../modules/j2ee/target/test-ear.ear
> >
> > And I get a NullPointerException (can paste the stacktrace if it's usefull).
> >
> > How can I deploy an ear file? I've read the documentation, and it says
> > it isn't supported yet, but I don't know if it's outdated, since there
> > are .ear builds in the test tree.
> >
> That should should work and should not NPE :) - can you open a bug in
> Jira with the trace attached.
> EARs are supported in HEAD, the doc may reflect M1.
> --
> Jeremy

Eduardo Fernandes Piva

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