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From toby cabot <>
Subject Re: [jira] Commented: (GERONIMO-264) exceptions being swallowed at startup
Date Tue, 13 Jul 2004 07:34:31 GMT
Hi Jeremy,

On Mon, Jul 12, 2004 at 07:36:20PM -0700, wrote:
>      Author: Jeremy Boynes
>     Created: Mon, 12 Jul 2004 7:36 PM
>        Body:
> It shouldn't really be logged in Configuration as whatever started it may be able to
handle the cause. Instead I added a print in the top level startup (Daemon) so prevent them
getting swallowed - it worked for a problem I had so can you let me know if this works for
your case as well.

Jira appears to be down at the moment, I'll add a comment in the
morning, but in the mean time...

Thanks for looking at this.  The stack trace I was getting does get
printed to the console, but chronologically out of order (i.e. it's
after the shutdown process).  Would it be more clear to print the
stack trace before starting the shutdown process, ie

            } catch (Exception e) {
                try {
                } catch (Exception e1) {
                throw new AssertionError();

Then the output on the screen would appear in the order in which
things happen.  Don't know about others but I tend to focus on the
first unexpected event in the logs, and in my case there were stack
traces from the shutdown that appeared before the root cause.

Also, it looks like doesn't use logging at all so
printStackTrace() is better than nothing but it would be cool if the
stack trace made it to the logs.


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