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From toby cabot <>
Subject ResourceAdapter.start() now getting called
Date Sat, 10 Jul 2004 20:14:07 GMT


On Sat, Jul 10, 2004 at 12:24:02PM -0700, David Jencks wrote:
> On Saturday, July 10, 2004, at 11:50 AM, toby cabot wrote:
> >
> <snip>
> >Does this imply that my geronimo-ra.xml
> >
> ><bootstrapcontext-name>geronimo.connector:role=BootstrapContext</ 
> >bootstrapcontext-name>
> >
> >element is wrong?  It wouldn't surprise me since I'm not clear on what
> >that element's supposed to do anyway.
> yes.  I tried to make the names somewhat more uniform and it is now
> geronimo.server:type=BootstrapContext

That's the solution.  With this change to geronimo-ra.xml my start()
method is now being called.

> Since it is unlikely that anyone will be running more than one  
> TransactionManager/XATerminator in a geronimo server, perhaps this  
> should be made a little clearer by specifying the WorkManager directly  
> in the ResourceAdapter config and constructing a BootstrapContext per  
> ResourceAdapter instance.  Opinions?

I'm afraid I've got to learn a lot more about how bootstrap contexts
work before I can offer an informed opinion.  I kinda see now how the
<bootstrapcontext-name> is supposed to refer to another <gbean> that
<references> the WorkManager and XATerminator but don't really
understand how it works.  When/if I get a clue I'll weigh in.

In the mean time thanks again,

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