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From "gianny DAMOUR" <>
Subject FW: Debugging failed tests
Date Wed, 02 Jun 2004 11:21:46 GMT

I forward a memo sent by David Blevins a couple of weeks ago regarding 
"Debugging failed tests".

As a summary the failed snapshots are located here:

This is really handy and thanks for that David.

Jacek wrote:
>Do we know what failed and how to find it out?

The test failure is related to the OpenEJB GBeans of the j2ee-server 
configuration plan. They have not yet been migrated to the new GBeanInfo 
meta-data construction. I assume that if you really want to deploy EJBs at 
this very moment, you will need to "wrap" these GBeans with others using the 
new meta-data construction mechanism.


>From: David Blevins <>
>Subject: Debugging failed tests
>Date: Mon, 17 May 2004 15:16:03 -0500
>Alrighty, I've patched up my script and anytime the tests fail on minotaur 
>or nagoya, the entire incubator-geronimo tree will be copied here for all 
>to see:
>There is an example incubator-geronimo dir in there, though this one isn't 
>the result of a failed test, just me seeing if my script works.
>Still need to update the script on beaver, as well as get a Mac OS X setup 
>on moof.

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