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From "Alan D. Cabrera" <>
Subject RE: Which classloader should be used by LoginContext when loading modules?
Date Sat, 05 Jun 2004 14:20:35 GMT

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> From: Jeremy Boynes []
> I have a concern about how we locate and instantiate the LoginModules
> defined in a JAAS Configuration. The scenario I have if from the
> JMXConnector when it is trying to authenticate a remote JMX
> It does this by taking the supplied username and password and login in
> via JAAS:
>     LoginContext context = new LoginContext(configName, credentials);
>     context.login();
>     return context.getSubject();
> The LoginContext gets the Configuration, locates the
> AppConfigurationEntry and then loads the LoginModules using the thread
> context classloader.
> Which classloader is this?
> I can set it to the one for the Geronimo Configuration that contains
> JMXConnector. This will work if all the login modules are on its
> classpath, i.e. are in the Configuration defining the JMXConnector or
> parent.
> However, the connector could be configured to use a LoginModule
> by a child configuration, or by a niece (child of sibling
> configuration). In that case, the LoginContext will not be able to
> locate the module and authentication will fail.
> This may not be common for JMX but I think it is likely for EJBs, EARs
> etc. that LoginModules could be deployed with the application and so
> would be located in a child classloader.
> Do we want to allow this or is it too much of a security hole?

I don't see how it could be a security hole.  If you can start a
configuration, then you can pretty much do anything you want, no?  Or
are we saying that there are scenarios where untrusted clients can start
a Geronimo server which has been configured by a trusted admin and
stored on a trusted configuration server?

> If we do, I think we may need to have a special LoginContext or
> module that can delegate to the appropriate children.
> Alan, David J, I think you talked about this at some point - is it
> solved and if so how?

I don't think that David J and I talked about this.


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