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From Brendan W.McAdams <>
Subject Re: Where can I learn about GBeans
Date Wed, 16 Jun 2004 13:52:44 GMT

> Familiarize yourself with JMX. A good book to read
> would be Java Management Extensions by J. Steven Perry
> published by O'Reilly.

ugh. I realise I'm being contradictory again, but...

Honestly, I found the O'Reilly JMX book to be horrid.  It was 
"MSQL/MySQL" all over again.

If I can throw in my 2 cents, I found Manning's "JMX In Action" 
[Sullins & Whipple] to be a much better book, with good hands on work 
and coverage through it.

It's probably a matter of opinion and learning style, but take a look 
at both of them [I actually bought both, Amazon had a 'buy both and 
save $x%" deal].

When I had to learn GBeans to convert the OpenEJB containers to the new 
GBean system earlier this year, I worked off the Jetty bindings that 
Jeremy Boynes had written.  They were fairly simple and can probably 
give you a quick run down.

As always, many of the developers, esp. Jeremy Boynes, Dain Sundstrom 
and Alan Cabrera, can be good resources if you can manage to pin them 
in a corner for a bit to ask some questions.

> I good discussion about the many source files that
> contain the name GBean would help many people
> understand the GBean.

As noted by Philip, reviewing existing code is good too.


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