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From David Jencks <>
Subject dtd-based deployment descriptors
Date Wed, 16 Jun 2004 23:03:23 GMT
I think I've found out how to use xmlbeans to convert old dtd based 
deployment descriptors on the fly to schema based ones compatible with 
the j2ee 1.4 schemas.  This is as short as xsl, and I think easier to 
understand, and involves no additional tools.  Changing the 
ModuleBuilders to use this method looks like it is a 2 line change.

So, I have some utility functions to do this, and am wondering where 
the class should go. choices are:

specs/schema --- only source file there, and it is arguably geronimo 
specific.  however it is a convenient central location.

modules/j2ee -- everything that uses it will be related to this module

modules/common -- where XmlBeanUtils is now.  Otherwise seems like a 
bad place.

Any opinions?

Basically what I am doing is changing all the elements to have the 
correct namespace and rearranging the message driven bean stuff to 
conform to the new activation-config format.

If anyone can use xmlspy to convert the last dtd versions to schema I'd 
appreciate it, it would make it much easier to see inconsistencies that 
need to be examined.

david jencks

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