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From Jeremy Boynes <>
Subject Re: Integrating Spring into Geronimo
Date Wed, 30 Jun 2004 03:19:26 GMT
There is also an initial version of Hibernate integration - currently 
this makes the SessionFactory available as a GBean or from JNDI. Work is 
in progress for integrating with the transaction manager and deployer.

Jeremy wrote:
> Dion let the cat out of the bag...
> so I thought I'd best actually commit the code. Warning though I've not 
> tested it yet  - we need an integration test to make sure this works & 
> we handle all the lifecycle methods properly :)
> Basically we've a GBean for Geronimo so that any existing spring XML 
> config file can be slurped up & turned into beans and managed in a JSR 
> 77/88 way & hot deployed - so Geronimo can hot deploy arbitrary Spring 
> containers within the core J2EE container - all managed in the same 
> stack as web apps, web containers, EJB containers etc. We should also be 
> able to JMX-ifiy all the beans as they are created into the JSR 77/88 
> management stack.
> At JavaOne we've discussed maybe having a special naming convention, say 
> putting spring.xml inside META-INF/ or something, so that you can put 
> your code in a regular jar with the XML deployment descriptor then drop 
> it in a directory or whatnot and Geronimo could auo-detect it & use the 
> SpringGBean to deploy it.
> Its still early days but hopefully once this is sorted out & working, 
> developers can spend their time in development mode just using Spring by 
> itself, then at any point in time drop their jar into Geronimo (or build 
> a deployment binary of Geronimo) and hey presto their apps running 
> inside a J2EE container.
> Going forward we should be able to further increase the functionality of 
> the SpringGBean to closer integrate the two projects so that the Spring 
> POJOs can take better, more efficient & easier use of the J2EE services 
> in Geronimo (transactions, security, remoting, pooling, clustering etc).
> Enjoy!
> James
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