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From Jules Gosnell <>
Subject ANN: WADI-0.9 released
Date Mon, 14 Jun 2004 10:13:47 GMT
Apologies for spamming - This is relevant content.

WADI is an acronym of 'Web Application Distribution Infrastructure'.

WADI's aim is to resolve many of the problems of dealing with state in
the clustered J2EE Web Tier. This involves technologies such as :

    * HttpSession Migration (inter-node and node-store-node)

    * HttpRequest relocation (by redirection and proxying)

    * in-vm HttpSession state replication (NYI)

    * simple HttpSession semantics and a guaranteed resolution to
      application vs container space concurrency issues within the

WADI can currently be plugged into the following J2EE web containers:

    * Tomcat 5
    * Jetty 5

WADI currently has two immediate goals :

     'ctl-c'-ability - You walk into your Tomcat/Jetty farm and ctl-c
     a node. All sessions on the node migrate into other peers
     (possibly via longterm store), and their clients continue their
     conversations unaffected.

     WADI-0.9 fulfils this goal. Support for different load-balancers,
     notably Apache/mod_jk (with readoption of orphanned sessions)
     is included in the release.

     'kill -9'-ability - You walk into your Tomcat/Jetty farm and kill
     -9 a node. Up to date copies of all hosted sessions are made
     available to other peers, and their clients continue their
     conversations unaffected.

     This goal will be addressed through in-vm replication in shortly
     forthcoming releases.

     The 'ctl-c' goal has been addressed first, because node
     maintenance is a more regular occurrence than catastrophic

     Please scan through the online FAQ and joing the mailing list, if
     interested. There is a thread at TSS that you might like to join:

     Thanks for your time,


 * Jules Gosnell
 * Partner
 * Core Developers Network (Europe)

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