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From Jeremy Boynes <>
Subject Which classloader should be used by LoginContext when loading modules?
Date Sat, 05 Jun 2004 06:09:27 GMT
I have a concern about how we locate and instantiate the LoginModules 
defined in a JAAS Configuration. The scenario I have if from the 
JMXConnector when it is trying to authenticate a remote JMX invocation. 
It does this by taking the supplied username and password and login in 
via JAAS:

    LoginContext context = new LoginContext(configName, credentials);
    return context.getSubject();

The LoginContext gets the Configuration, locates the 
AppConfigurationEntry and then loads the LoginModules using the thread 
context classloader.

Which classloader is this?

I can set it to the one for the Geronimo Configuration that contains the 
JMXConnector. This will work if all the login modules are on its 
classpath, i.e. are in the Configuration defining the JMXConnector or a 

However, the connector could be configured to use a LoginModule defined 
by a child configuration, or by a niece (child of sibling 
configuration). In that case, the LoginContext will not be able to 
locate the module and authentication will fail.

This may not be common for JMX but I think it is likely for EJBs, EARs 
etc. that LoginModules could be deployed with the application and so 
would be located in a child classloader.

Do we want to allow this or is it too much of a security hole?

If we do, I think we may need to have a special LoginContext or wrapper 
module that can delegate to the appropriate children.

Alan, David J, I think you talked about this at some point - is it 
solved and if so how?


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