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From Dain Sundstrom <>
Subject Special attributes
Date Fri, 04 Jun 2004 23:09:10 GMT
I have just commited support for special attributes, which is an 
attribute that is well understood by the GBean container.  When the 
GBean container detects special attribute in a GBean info, it will 
automatically set the value.  The special attributes that would be 
difficult or impossible for a GBean to discover.

Name           Type
----           ----
objectName     String
classLoader    ClassLoader
kernel         Kernel
gbeanContext   GBeanContext

The attribute type must be exactly as listed and the attribute must be 
declared as not persistent.

As part of this change the use of GBeanContext.getObjectName() and 
GBeanMBeanContext.getServer() are now deprecated and will be removed 
soon.  Once they are removed I plan on renaming GBeanContext to 
GBeanLifecycleController and the setGBeanContext method will be removed 
from GBean.  At that point, GBean will only have doStart(), doStop(), 
and doFail(), so I will rename the GBean interface to GBeanLifecycle.


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