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From David Jencks <>
Subject Proposal for geronimo-specific dd common subproject namespace handling
Date Thu, 17 Jun 2004 16:54:58 GMT
In the geronimo-specific dds, right now we have at least one subproject 
schema (naming) that is included in several other schemas (openejb and 
jetty) in such a way that the dds are all in one namespace rather than 
shifting namespace when you get to the naming elements.

This causes xmlbeans to generate separate classes for these naming 
elements for openejb and jetty.  This produces a big nuisance when 
trying to parse the xmlbeans objects.

Working with xmlbeans I discovered that it is quite easy to manipulate 
xml and in particular to change the namespace of an element.  In 
particular it should be easy to change the namespace on the naming 
elements to a naming-specific namespace.

So, my proposal is to:

-- for user use, keep the inclusion of the naming schema as it is so 
all elements are in one namespace.

--before geronimo/openejb reads the configuration, change the namespace 
on naming elements to an explicit "naming" namespace

--for xmlbeans generation, set up schemas that shift namespace when 
moving to the naming elements.

--xmlbeans should then be able to reuse classes generated in the naming 
module wherever the naming schema is included.

This should eliminate the "refAdapter" nonsense that attempts to work 
around the several "identical" generated classes in different packages.

(I hope the coincidence of the sub-schema happening to be for the 
naming module and the principal xml issue being namespaces is not too 


david jencks

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