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From "Dorel Vaida" <>
Subject RE: Integrating Spring into Geronimo
Date Wed, 30 Jun 2004 08:06:47 GMT
You kidding me ? Kabooom. Geronimo will rock even more than it does. You
guys have no match :-) 

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From: [] 
Sent: Tuesday, June 29, 2004 8:58 PM
Subject: Integrating Spring into Geronimo

Dion let the cat out of the bag...

so I thought I'd best actually commit the code. Warning though I've not
tested it yet  - we need an integration test to make sure this works &
we handle all the lifecycle methods properly :)

Basically we've a GBean for Geronimo so that any existing spring XML
config file can be slurped up & turned into beans and managed in a JSR
77/88 way & hot deployed - so Geronimo can hot deploy arbitrary Spring
containers within the core J2EE container - all managed in the same
stack as web apps, web containers, EJB containers etc. We should also be
able to JMX-ifiy all the beans as they are created into the JSR
77/88 management stack.

At JavaOne we've discussed maybe having a special naming convention, say
putting spring.xml inside META-INF/ or something, so that you can put
your code in a regular jar with the XML deployment descriptor then drop
it in a directory or whatnot and Geronimo could auo-detect it & use the
SpringGBean to deploy it.

Its still early days but hopefully once this is sorted out & working,
developers can spend their time in development mode just using Spring by
itself, then at any point in time drop their jar into Geronimo (or build
a deployment binary of Geronimo) and hey presto their apps running
inside a J2EE container.

Going forward we should be able to further increase the functionality of
the SpringGBean to closer integrate the two projects so that the Spring
POJOs can take better, more efficient & easier use of the J2EE services
in Geronimo (transactions, security, remoting, pooling, clustering etc).



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