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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Packaging prevents bundling deployer inside the server
Date Tue, 22 Jun 2004 07:16:18 GMT

On Monday, June 21, 2004, at 09:40 PM, Jeremy Boynes wrote:

> I have been trying to build a configuration that can run as a child of 
> the J2EE Server config that contains the deployer code - this is 
> intended to allow someone to set up a server that can do its own 
> deployments.
> I have a problem in that the deployment classes are packaged in with 
> the main runtime classes - for example, connector.deployment.* is in 
> the connector jar. These get loaded by the Server config's classloader 
> and hence can see deployment-only classes (e.g. xmlbeans) that are 
> packaged in with the deployment config.
> I think the real solution for this is to split the deployment-only 
> classes out from the runtime jars into separate jars that can be 
> bundled with deployment configurations.

I agree. I wondered if this would turn into a problem...

I think the easiest way to fit this into maven is have more projects:  
e.g. connector and connector-deployment

david jencks
> For now, I'm going to bug this and expand the Server config to include 
> all the dependencies needed to perform deployment.
> Thoughts?
> --
> Jeremy

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