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From Greg Wilkins <>
Subject Re: Security stuff
Date Wed, 12 May 2004 19:16:30 GMT

Jan Bartel wrote:
>> Might I suggest a technique I used on OpenEJB to move forward on
>> several integration things that are really experimental in nature.
>> Create a cvs branch of the latest greatest Jetty and start the
>> experimentation there.  
> Yes, a branch would be the way to go. I'm only hesitating because we've 
> already got 2 concurrent branches going in Jetty and a third might just 
> push us over the edge, maintenance-wise :-) I'll have a chat to Greg and 
> see what he recommends, we may be able to do the JAAC stuff in one of 
> the existing branches.

I'm not too keen on another branch.  The approach that I'd like to
take is to understand better understand the "point cut"s needed to
plug JACC in.  An abstract API for that can then be added to the
normal development branch of Jetty, with the current security implementation
being the main one.   The Jetty/Gerenimo/JACC implementation probably would
then be in geronimo CVS rather than Jetty CVS.

But this depends on me getting my head around the integration points JACC.
Perhaps if Alan posts his patches to me then I'll learn by code rather than
by spec?


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