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From "Alan D. Cabrera" <>
Subject RE: Security stuff
Date Wed, 12 May 2004 11:55:22 GMT

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> From: Jan Bartel []
> Alan,
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> > IIUC, JACC allows third party enterprise security packages to be
> > into J2EE servers.  There are already third party vendors out there.
> I do see that JAAC brings web.xml based security into line with
> java permissions and therefore allows for pluggable security impls,
> there is something about the spec that doesn't sit right with me, but
> don't know that I can articulate right now. My reservations might be
> being influenced by the fact that I find the spec to be written in an
> impenetrable style.

Impenetrable?  Absolutely.  I've read that thing umpteen times and I
cannot claim that I fully understand it; only the TCK will tell.  There
is no excuse for it being so poorly written.  If more people than Dave,
you, I, and about five other people on the planet cared about this spec,
it would be the perfect candidate for a book to explain it.

I can be found on the Geronimo IRC.  During EDT business hours I am


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