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From Phillip Rhodes <>
Subject Re: Rushing too fast for SVN? was...Re: [VOTE] Switch to SVN
Date Sat, 29 May 2004 22:15:00 GMT
Agustin Gonzalez-Tuchmann wrote:
> I am not a contributor but I think you guys may be rushing too fast to 
> SVN. Isn't CVS good enough? Why fix it if it ain't broken? 

But CVS *is* broken in some fairly important ways.  For example,
it can't properly deal with renaming or moving files, or renaming
directories.  People have come to accept thoses limitations in CVS,
which is probably why there isn't more grumbling about those
shortcomings.  But now that a product has come along that
does not have those problems, and is largely backwards
compatible with CVS, it only makes sense to switch.

OTOH, tool support is important, and I'll wait to switch
my organization to SVN, until such a time as Eclipse
has SVN support that's as rich a the current CVS



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