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From Patrick Mueller <>
Subject Re: Eclipse issue -- maven eclipse
Date Wed, 19 May 2004 13:21:42 GMT
Ralf Barkow wrote:

> Thanks Patrick for the attached .launch file.!
> Thanks David for 'refactoring' and posting the improved shell script.!
> Yes Patrick, I want it to run against 'live' code.

I haven't figured this out yet.  At least, how you can run against code 
compiled by Eclipse assuming you have set everything up so it's directly 
compilable by Eclipse.  I get various sorts of exceptions when running. 
  I believe that there must be some non-.class file resources that are 
built by maven, stuck in the associated jars, that can't be found. 
Either that, or there is just a general classpath problem, as the way I 
have tried the launches is to put everything on the classpath when 
running (ie, it may be that a certain classpath hierarchy/graph is 
required to run correctly).

I'm sort of torn between figuring this out vs. trying to get Eclipse to 
just run maven as part of it's build process.  Essentially a double 
compile (I still want Eclipse to build it's versions of the .class 
files, to be able to get instant feed back on errors, get exact code 
completion, and get all the introspective stuff working).

I'll report back when I find something useful.  As I'm not actually 
developing Geronimo code ... for now ... it's not a critical issue for 
me at the moment ... sorry.

Patrick Mueller

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