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From Ralf Barkow <>
Subject Re: Eclipse issue -- maven eclipse
Date Wed, 19 May 2004 11:32:18 GMT

Thanks Patrick for the attached .launch file.!
Thanks David for 'refactoring' and posting the improved shell script.!

Yes Patrick, I want it to run against 'live' code.

Patrick Mueller wrote:
[.launch file]

> However ... I suspect what you want is to run against 'live' code, not 
> the maven built jars.  This is going to be more work.  The easiest 
> thing to do is to use Eclipse for editing/launching/debugging, but not 
> for build.  Do your builds outside of eclipse.  

Currently building outside of eclipse in ~/incubator-geronimo and using 
David's shell script to do a "maven eclipse" with the 
maven-eclipse-plugin in each of geronimo's modules.  In Eclipse you do 
an "Import | Existing Project into Workspace" for every module you want 
to look at. 

Consider using Mevenide (no typo) to 
integrate Maven into Eclipse.  This gives you --among other things-- 
Maven launcher integration into Eclipse External Tools. 

To be able to use Patrick's .launch file with David's approach,  you 
perform the following steps in Eclipse :-
(1) Create incubator-geronimo as a top-level project in Eclipse with 
"New | Project" and the Java Project wizard. 
(2) Add a "New | Folder" named: target to that project.
(3) "Import ..." from File System
        From directory ~/incubator-geronimo/target into the freshly 
created target folder. 
        Note: "Create selected folders only". 
(4) Copy Geronimo-jars.launch to your eclipse workspace: 
(5) "Add Projects..." geronimo-system et al to the "Source Lookup Path" 
of that Geronimo-jars configuration. 
(6) Run the pre-built DebugConsole configuration and/or debug it inside 
Eclipse -- and have fun ... 

Find attached a slightly modified Geronimo-jars.launch file for the 
1.0-SNAPSHOT. Note: Not all modules were added to the Source Lookup 
Path, only geronimo-system for the moment.


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