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From Jeremy Boynes <>
Subject Re: current or near-term support for JSR 77, 88, 160
Date Fri, 14 May 2004 17:08:59 GMT
Patrick Mueller wrote:

> I'm interested in finding out how I'll be able to talk to Geronimo at a 
> management-type level from an external client in the current/near term. 
>  I think JSR 77 and 88 appear to be the 'standard' way to do this.

They are.

> JSR 77 seems kind of kind of yucky in that it requires I talk through an 
> EJB, which will require plenty-o-code in my client that wants to talk to 
> Geronimo (however, I'm a noob in the J2EE space; perhaps the MEJB can be 
> accessed via WS or something else (RMI?)).

JSR77 was designed to allow management of containers that did not use 
JMX. The MEJB is a alternative to JSR160 for accessing that 
functionality, but you should note that
a) it does not require the server to actually have a EJB container
    (it can have a custom implementation)
b) it really doesn't do anything but delegate JMX operations

In Geronimo, all of our container components are JSR77 ManagedObjects 
and they all get exposed through JMX.

The DebugConsole application exposes these through a web GUI - it 
basically just delegates HTTP requests to local JMX operations.

When we get web-service support, then the MEJB could be exposed over 
that as well.

 > And then, there might be stuff you are doing above-and-beyond, like JSR
 > 160 (or any sort of remote interface to JMX).

We do.

> JSR 88 seems to imply that Geronimo will supply some code my client can 
> use.

JSR 88 splits into two parts:
1) a provider API that must be implemented by an application server
    We have started this but it is not functional yet; it will be
    there in M2

2) a tool API that is implemented by a tool that is looking to
    deploy (configure/distribute) applications for an application server

In theory, there should be a many-to-many relationship between tools 
(Eclipse, Idea, NetBeans, JBuilder, ...) and providers (RI, Web*, 
Geronimo) - how close the world gets to this interop pipe dream remains 
to be seen.


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