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From Patrick Mueller <>
Subject current or near-term support for JSR 77, 88, 160
Date Fri, 14 May 2004 15:32:35 GMT
I'm interested in finding out how I'll be able to talk to Geronimo at a 
management-type level from an external client in the current/near term. 
  I think JSR 77 and 88 appear to be the 'standard' way to do this.

JSR 77 seems kind of kind of yucky in that it requires I talk through an 
EJB, which will require plenty-o-code in my client that wants to talk to 
Geronimo (however, I'm a noob in the J2EE space; perhaps the MEJB can be 
accessed via WS or something else (RMI?)).

JSR 88 seems to imply that Geronimo will supply some code my client can use.

And then, there might be stuff you are doing above-and-beyond, like JSR 
160 (or any sort of remote interface to JMX).  I noticed that when I 
start 1.0M1, I get the titilating line logged:

[TcpTransportServerChannel] Listening for connections at: 

Who is listening on the other end of this port?

BTW, I'm glad you managed to work '666' into the port number.  Always 
easy to remember. <grin/>

Patrick Mueller

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