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From Patrick Mueller <>
Subject Re: Eclipse issue -- maven eclipse - David's bash loop
Date Wed, 12 May 2004 20:08:41 GMT
Ralf Barkow wrote:
> As David's bash loop didn't worked for me with Cygwin,
> I post a modified version. Now I'm looking for a current
> .launch file to be able to debug in ecplise. Anyone?

I've attached a .launch file, but this is a transliteration of the 
command-line invocation; namely, pop open server.jar to see what jars it 
adds to the classpath, and put them in the launch's classpath (and make 
sure server.jar is also on the classpath).

Oh, and this is with incubator-geronimo as a top-level project in Eclipse.

I can both run and debug fine with this.

However ... I suspect what you want is to run against 'live' code, not 
the maven built jars.  This is going to be more work.  The easiest thing 
to do is to use Eclipse for editing/launching/debugging, but not for 
build.  Do your builds outside of eclipse.  I suspect, in the right 
conditions, even hot-swap will work in this mode.  (hot-swap is where 
the IDE feeds changed .class files to the debug target VM, while it's 

Patrick Mueller

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